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The Affirming Heart Animals

At the Cavern City Child Advocacy Center we know how healing animals can be in the lives of the individuals that we serve. Our organization is lucky to have great animals that provide comfort and healing to the victims that enter our doors. These animals have even had the opportunity to provide comfort to law enforcement and protective service personnel when they frequent our facilities and animals’ companionship provides a sense of relief and calmness to all that encounter them.



Maverick the AdvoCAT

At the Advocacy Center, Maverick the "AdvoCAT" provides companionship while children wait for their forensic interviews.

Favorite Activity:


Favorite Napping Spot:


I love to...

Make kids happy!


I'm a smelly cat...Sometimes I fart!!!



Maddie the Therapy Poodle

At the Rise Up Counseling Building, Maddie the Therapy Poodle provides comfort during trauma counseling sessions

Favorite Activity:

Playing at the park!

Favorite Treats:

Ice cubes and cat food!

I love to...

Meet new people!


I snore in my sleep!



Mercury the Poodle

Mercury the Poodle, recently joined the Foundry Home Youth Shelter to provide companionship to the youth that reside there. 

Favorite Activity:

Going on walks!

Favorite Treats:


I love to...

Play with my favorite toys!


I love taking naps in chairs...bean bags are the most comfy!

Research has shown that pets can boost physical health, invite socialization, decrease agitation, increase calmness, and provide purpose for those humans lucky enough to be in their lives.

At the Advocacy Center we are able to introduce animals into difficult moments in each individual’s life that walks through our doors and often times the addition of the animal provides immediate relief. In some instances, it is through the presence of our animals that victims are finally able to share their trauma.

Our animals are able to demonstrate love and kindness to our clients at a time when their world is crumbling around them. Annually, our organization provides services to 1250 individuals and each of these individuals have been comforted and shown love by our furry "staff members".

It is our hope to increase the number of individuals from South Eddy and Lea Counties that receive our services and have them leave with a warm dog or cat kiss.

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