The CAC is always looking for help upgrading our building.  The CAC used to be D'lliard's Barbershop, so it's come along way, but we still need things painted and fences added and outdoor tiles laid! 

If you don't mind labor and you want to make a big difference, let us know below!


Beginning October 2017, the CAC will begin a Volunteer Victim Advocate Program. Volunteer Advocates will receive training to prepare them to help child and adult victims of abuse and their families as they navigate the investigative process.  

Are you called to become an Advocate?

Volunteer below!


You Are Not Alone!

Survivors of abuse and their families often feel as though they are the only people this has ever happened to.

Unfortunately, we know that 1 in 4 girls and 1 in 6 boys will undergo a sexual assault before age 18.

Read on to learn more about the affects of child abuse or to share how child abuse has affected you or your family.


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